Withers Tsang
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Specialists in property, tax and business.


We’ve forged a reputation as accounting experts in all things property; property investment, trading and development. But we are much more than that. Our expertise is broad and deep. We provide advice, expertise and business solutions for many individuals and businesses in manufacturing, professional practices, import/export, retail, the arts and more. We also specialise in international tax advice.

We can help with compliance, business planning, tax and property advice, and in a consultancy/sounding board role.


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Property Investment

We understand commercial and residential property investment inside out, as. We have a passion for it. We are the recognised experts with years of experience. We offer a property portfolio sanity test, tax and financial structuring advice as well as expertise on changes in legislation that affect investment decisions.

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Small & Medium Businesses

We’re a trusted advisor to businesses across many industries, manufacturing, retail, import/export, the arts and many more. Our advice is always tailored to individual client needs, whether they are starting a business, need tax advice, compliance guidance, or even valuation services for sale and purchase, management buyouts or mergers.


International Tax

International tax advice is a Withers Tsang speciality service, for clients moving to or from New Zealand, with employees migrating, or for kiwi businesses expanding overseas. Talk to us for expert advice around the right tax structures to avoid double taxation, cross boarder tax structures, taxation and residency. We have the expertise to set your mind at ease.

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Property Development

Any property development begins with running the numbers, does it stack up? There’s also a raft of taxation implications, IRD auditing and compliance requirements. GST structuring on complex land transactions needs expertise to get right. Then there’s cash flow and debt structuring to manage. We can help with all of this, whist keeping your vision and entrepreneurship top of mind. We’ll focus on the ‘how to do this’, not the “why you can’t”.

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Private Wealth

Many Withers Tsang clients have built successful businesses and become wealthy. We offer services that help protect and grow wealth with advice around estate and succession planning, trust establishment, transfer of assets, tax planning advice and inheritance structures.

We have grown from a home-based business to having our own premises with more staff and higher turnover. Each step has been a learning curve and Withers Tsang have been excellent in helping us keep up with our obligations and are always available to explain anything and provide practical, professional advice on both a personal and business level.