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Property Investment


Property Investment

Residential and commercial property investment expertise is where we made our name. We’re recognised experts for seasoned and new property experts alike.   

We can review your property portfolio to make sure it’s well structured, in line with your financial goals, and takes into account current market conditions. Ask us about our ‘sanity test’ review of your portfolio.

For residential property investors once we’ve reviewed your rental portfolio with you; we’ll help you restructure and refinance property loans for best advantage, if there’s reason to do so.

The right taxation advice is crucial, and the rules can be complex and are often changing. We can help give your certainty around the ‘bright line’ test, and what you can legitimately claim. We can advise on GST and income tax on properties, and on depreciation clawback on sales of residential properties.

And for commercial property investors we’ll help evaluate your commercial property deals, advise on lease strategies, assist with due diligence, and help negotiate with lessees.

Want to talk to our property tax accounting and advice specialists? Call us on 09 376 8860 to book an initial meeting.

Specific Services

  • ‘Sanity test’ property portfolio review
  • Restructuring and refinancing of property
  • Taxation advice - GST and income tax ramifications
  • Commercial property assessment, due diligence, lease negotiations
  • Tax compliance for land transactions