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Property Development


Property Development

We have a long history helping property developers with the complexities of land transactions. We’ll start by reviewing the numbers with you before purchase, to make sure your acquisition stacks up.

Talk to us for expert tax planning advice around sub divisions, property development, trading and building. There are taxation issues that are part and parcel of subdivisions or cross-leasing, we can help guide you through those.

The GST status of parties to a land transaction is important when we’re talking about Compulsory Zero rating, we can help you understand those rules and structure your development to best advantage.

Expert advice around structuring and finance arrangements is critical. The rules around ‘tainting’ are complex and easily misunderstood, talk to us about those to avoid tainting issues.

Then there’s the day to business of property development; due diligence, cash flow planning, debt management, compliance requirements, and provisional tax planning to take into account, as well as the inevitable IRD audit, which can be a stressful time. Talk to us, it is possible to avoid that stress.

We can help you to be well informed, well structured and well represented, so you can get on with growing your business, and developing your property.


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Specific Services

  • Critique and evaluation of property deals
  • Structuring/refinancing
  • GST-related specific advice
  • Tax planning
  • Compliance
    - Fringe Benefit Tax
    - Annual reporting
    - Kiwisaver
    - Payroll
    - Residence Withholding Tax
  • IRD audits - we’ll work with the IRD on your behalf