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Private Wealth


Private Wealth

Many Withers Tsang clients have built successful businesses and become wealthy, and some have inherited wealth. We offer services that help protect and grow their wealth with advice around estate and succession planning, trust establishment, transfer of assets, tax planning advice and inheritance structures.
If you have wealth to protect, effective risk management makes sense. A well set up family trust can protect your assets, and form the cornerstone of your estate planning. We can help you identify risk areas and assets and investments that are best suited to trust ownership.

This can go hand in hand with succession planning, we can advise on the best way to make sure your wealth is protected, so you leave a legacy for your family‘s future generations to enjoy.

This review can form part of an overall tax planning exercise for your estate, where we can help identify risk and assets that you should protect via a mechanism such as a trust.

Whilst we can help you identify areas of risk, drafting your Trust Deed is something we would instruct your lawyer to do, based on our discussions.

Working in conjunction with your lawyer, we’ll also advise you on matrimonial issues related to the division of assets, real estate, investments and any income tax ramifications, in the event of a relationship break-up. Our clients tell us that our unbiased and objective advice can often result in the resolution of disagreements.


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Specific Services

  • Tax planning and advice
  • Trust establishment
  • Estate planning
  • Succession planning
  • Asset transfer
  • Matrimonial property division of assets and investments