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Join Withers Tsang in the Journey to reaching paperless, and accelerate Paperless with E-Signatures


The journey to reaching Paperless with E-Signatures

March, 2019

Using Adobe Signing technology and Xero

We hope to bring you a simpler, quicker and better way to both provide your annual information and receive your year-end completed documents, and with your help we hope to cut the use of paper, envelopes and courier bags significantly.

Its a better way to store your information, and uploading your documents to our secure Xero portal, will permanently keep your records safe and available should you need them.

The cost to you for this is nothing, all we hope is that you give the new system a try.

Withers Tsang will donate $1 to LegaSea, a not-for-profit, for every completed PDF Questionnaire that does not require hard copies of financial statements, and uploads their documents to XERO Query portal.

Whats an E-Signature?

Its a simple and legally recognised way to consent or approve a digital document or form.

Withers Tsang are using Adobe Document Cloud eSign to deliver all documents and financial statements for electronic signing.

We understand you may have concerns with being in the Cloud

Adobe Cloud eSignature has the most advanced security and sets the global standard for compliance with one of the most stringent security standards. They’re a trusted, and legally valid, enforceable, and comply with e-sign laws around the world.

To learn and read more about Adobe Cloud eSignature, go to - https://acrobat.adobe.com/nz/en/sign/capabilities/electronic-signature-legality.html


Busy offices can generate a lot of paperwork. Too much paper can reduce the efficiency of your business, and cost it money.

Paper is everywhere. We hardly think about it, businesses spend a lot of time and money moving paperwork around. Analysts have been predicting the arrival of the paperless office for more than two decades, yet more paper is produced every year.

XERO protect your data with multiple layers of security. Encrypted for your business information and replicates it in several locations on-line. That means its safe, secure and available when you need it.

To learn read and learn more about XERO data security: https://www.xero.com/nz/why-xero/benefits/security/

What will change for you?

All documents and agreements requiring a signature, will now be emailed to you, to electronically sign rather than Withers Tsang posting or using a courier for you to sign and return.

Its that simple

If you need more information talk to one of the Team at Withers Tsang: 09 376 8860.

Working together to restore our coastal fisheries

As a Not-For-Profit organisation, LegaSea was established by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council in 2012 to elevate public awareness of the issues that affect recreational fishers and inspire people to support them.

With an earned reputation for their consistent advocacy for conservative management decisions, elimination of wasteful fishing practices, and reducing the impacts of fishing on the marine environment. They support funds for advocacy, alignment, education and research.

The Kai Ika Project is another project attracting massive attention as an initiative to help feed people with a healthy nutrition source, but also for its utilisation of a previously discarded product.

There is so much goodness in fish heads and frames both in the amount of flesh on them but also for making fish stock etc.

To learn more about this project, go to: https://kaiika.co.nz/

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