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International Tax


International Tax

Withers Tsang specialises in helping individuals and businesses with international tax advice. It’s a complex area of law.

If you are moving to or from New Zealand, or have employees relocating, or perhaps you are expanding your business overseas, talk to us, we can help ensure your tax structure is right for your circumstances.

For example, we’ll look at your circumstances and determine if you are a “tax resident” under the NZ tax system. Sometimes this isn’t an easy task, especially for new migrants, but its important.
New Zealand requires NZ tax residents to pay tax on their worldwide income, including overseas interest; dividends; rental income; investments and more. Whilst you may be able to claim an overseas tax credit to help offset your NZ tax liability, you may still have tax to pay at the end of the tax year.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of leaving NZ, allow us to review and sort your NZ tax affairs prior to you leaving. You may be able to change to a non-tax resident, exempting you from paying tax on overseas income in NZ, and avoiding ‘double taxation’.

Talk to us and we’ll arrange a tax consultation with you, so you don’t pay more tax than you need to.


Want to talk to our international tax specialists?
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Specific Services

  • Pre-migration tax planning consultation for first time migrants to New Zealand
  • Tax planning advice for returning expatriates
  • Evaluate and restructure your tax affairs if you’re leaving New Zealand
  • Determine and obtain non tax residency status
  • Liaise and negotiate with IRD on your behalf
  • Ensure you have the correct tax structure to minimise double taxation