Withers Tsang


A great place

to work.


Withers Tsang is a stimulating, fun and supportive place to forge your career.  It’s a ‘foundation for growth’ in every sense.

You’ll enjoy a friendly and professional working environment and team culture, where you’ll be supported and mentored throughout your professional development.

We take pride in the development of our graduates and as a long standing Approved Training Employer (ATE) we have a history of graduates succeeding in becoming Chartered Accountants.

Come and join us, and advance your career.


A great culture

There’s a lot to love about working at Withers Tsang. Here’s a list of 10 reasons as to why we think you’ll be happy here.




Amanda Bolton, Senior Accountant

There are so many reasons I love working at Withers Tsang, but I can't put them all into words. I can say that the supportive environment feels like a family to me. You and your success actually matter to the firm. Everyone is warm, caring friendly and has each other’s back. Your ideas and opinions count here.

There is always something new here to learn, with heaps of opportunities and room to grow.


Wendy Xu, Accountant

Withers Tsang is my first accounting job since graduating and it has been an amazing journey so far. Since starting, I’ve been able to work on a variety of clients alongside amazing colleagues who are both knowledgeable and friendly. I have worked with the team to provide clients with the help that they need, and it’s great to be able to learn about their business and see it grow. The team have also helped me to grow professionally by offering support and guidance as I work towards becoming a CA.

I look forward to the future opportunities that I will get while working at Withers Tsang.




Nick Ashford, Partner

My first accounting role was as a graduate at Withers Tsang. The team culture is one of the reasons I’ve invested in my future here; it’s always felt like more than just a job. The open environment that is such a part of Withers Tsang has given me both the opportunity to grow, and the support to develop specialised knowledge which has allowed me to help so many clients.

At every point on my journey, I have felt integral in making this a great company. Now, as a Partner of Withers Tsang I look forward to helping others feel the same.


If you are interested in joining our team then please feel free to contact us with your details and learn of our current openings.